Tyler Kunz headshot

I create and improve projects in design media such as software, video games, digital arts, technical writing, fine arts. I have been modding video games and tinkering with computers since 1996.

I am meticulous and thorough in my dedication to excellence. I’m adept at identifying areas for improvement – whether in art, projects, or processes – and have been drawing & using computers since 1992. My passion for design & programming (both personally and professionally) motivates me to continuously improve my skills.

My largest current programming project is a mod for the original Fallout game, fixing 150 bugs and adding 170 features. Development of the mod is ongoing as it’s always improving. The next stage of development is to convert the game into the Fallout 2 engine. It gets at least 100 downloads every day.

I am also interested in Lean manufacturing, physical fitness, entrepreneurship, music, audiobooks, film, and philosophy.